Connecting Cultures “guru-gurru ~ all together’ Art Exhibition

Aunty Peggy Tidyman


I am a proud descendant of the Gunggari people from south-west Queensland and was born on my traditional land. I want to acknowledge and pay respect to my Gunggari/Kamilaroi/Chinese ancestry on my father’s side and my Bidjara/Afghani ancestry on my mother’s side.

I am deeply honoured to be invited by the Buddha Light International Association Queensland to present my artwork at the Chinese New Year 2023 Celebrations. On this occasion I have incorporated my cultural heritage by painting contemporary Aboriginal art on canvas and on Chinese lanterns to acknowledge and respect my Aboriginal/Chinese ancestry.

My career as an artist has only been for a short time following my retirement after working with Education Queensland for 32 years. Seeking a new interest to engage in during my senior years, I started painting Aboriginal art on a smaller scale with arts and crafts. For many years I admired artwork by many famous Aboriginal artists, and I felt it was a positive way to share my story in an artistic format and, share my rich cultural heritage with others.

Using contemporary colours, this collection includes various pieces of contemporary Aboriginal art on canvas using dots and strokes, including traditional symbols as well as modern symbolism to give an impression of my life stories. I am deeply proud to share my Chinese heritage through a combination of Aboriginal art on lanterns and other specific cultural items.

This exhibition incorporates artwork exhibited in Taiwan in 2021, artwork specifically for this exhibition, photographic display and other items sharing my journey with the Buddha Light International Association over the past ten years.  Inspiration for my paintings comes from my cultural heritage and connection to my traditional land on Gunggari country and the environment where I grew up, incorporating the elements (fire, earth, water and air), stories of the Dreaming, my totem – the ‘Emu’ and sharing stories passed down by my Elders.

My greatest achievement is my artwork called “Cycles of Change” chosen by Logan City Council in 2020 proudly displayed on the Logan Art Gallery exterior wall sharing a cultural perspective of the history of Logan – (Past, Present, Future) with the wider community.


22 Jan 2023 - 05 Feb 2023


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